I am an Orthodox convert dedicated to preserving the ancient art and spirituality of iconography. Rendered in the Byzantine style, images range from Jesus and Mary to the saints of the Eastern and Western Churches. I offer commissions for churches and private individuals, workshops, private instruction and free lectures.

The icon is a window or portal into heaven.

Preserving the integrity of the ancient method, only natural materials and pigments are used. Unlike oil or acrylic, natural pigments are not uniform in consistency. The unique properties of each pigment combined with an egg yolk and wine mixture and the application of gold leaf produces a richness, depth, vibrancy of color and multi-layer transparency achievable by no other means.

Icons make for lovely heirloom gifts.

Commissioning an icon is a prayerful process guided by the Holy Spirit. The context in which it is to be used is the first step in determining the subject. Only certain images are appropriate for a church sanctuary, while a large variety are suitable for the home and often depict a favorite saint or scripture verse. Icons make for lovely heirloom gifts as well! Holy Family for a wedding or anniversary, Guardian Angel for the birth of a new baby or King David for a Jewish friend are just some examples.

Just as scripture is The Living Word, so too, icons are Living Art.

Whether your icon will serve a large church congregation or occupy a place of honor in your home, it is a window into heaven. As scripture is the “Living Word” so too, icons are “Living Art” intimately connecting you to the subject. I invite you to explore my website and welcome any questions you may have!

Karen Smart with artwork